Human Rights Law

Lawyers at Mutangana and Partners Law Offices are experienced human rights advisors and consultants. The human rights issue in both criminal and civil proceedings is at the heart of our legal profession as set in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda and other International and regional Human Rights instruments which make up the foundation for the development of the corpus of international human rights law. We advise and consult on core international human rights instruments and their monitoring bodies to Non-governmental organizations and other public and private institutions to ensure institutions remain in compliance with the requirements. Our lawyers have proven experience in this area and advise on the Bill of Rights, notably on instruments related to Freedom of Association, Rights of the Child, Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Prevention of discrimination, Right to Health, Human Rights in the Administration of Justice, defending rights of persons subjected to detention or imprisonment and closely following up their rights to justice. We advise, consult, and represent individuals on social welfare, progress and development rights, rights of women, as well as right to work and fair conditions of employment.