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Civil and commercial advisory and litigation

At Mutangana & Partners Law Offices, we handle your civil and commercial disputes and litigations by first advising clients on a legal process in which criminal charges and penalties are not at issue. Advisory and litigation is based on when two or more parties become embroiled in such a non-criminal legal dispute and further advise once the case is presented at a trial where plaintiffs seek compensation or other damages from defendants. Litigation lawyers at our Law firm represent our clients across a variety of associated proceedings, including pretrial meetings disclosures required and depositions. We also advise on processes that are geared toward having the two parties reach a settlement without investing the time and absorbing the expense of going to court. We advise on a broad range of disputes namely: Intellectual property disputes, disputes related to contracts, construction liability lawsuits, workers compensation claims, real estate lawsuits, divorce lawsuits, landlord tenant disputes, employment and labor, other related civil, commercial, social and administrative procedures under Rwandan law.


Advisory, representation and consultancy on Human Rights law

Lawyers at Mutangana and Partners Law Offices are experienced human rights advisors and consultants. The human rights issue in both criminal and civil proceedings is at the heart of our legal profession as set in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda and other International and regional Human Rights instruments which make up the foundation for the development of the corpus of international human rights law. We advise and consult on core international human rights instruments and their monitoring bodies to Non-governmental organizations and other public and private institutions to ensure institutions remain in compliance with the requirements. Our lawyers have a proven experience in this area and advise on the Bill of Rights, notably on instruments related to Freedom of Association, Rights of the Child, Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Prevention of discrimination, Right to Health, Human Rights in the Administration of Justice, defending rights of persons subjected to detention or imprisonment and closely following up their rights to justice. We advise, consult and represent individuals on social welfare, progress and development rights, rights of women, as well as right to work and fair conditions of employment.

Criminal Justice advisory and litigation

Criminal justiceis the delivery of justice to those who are suspected to have committed crimes. The Criminal Justice department at Mutangana &Partners Law Office has a team of seasoned former Prosecutors able to represent our clients before the primary institutions of the criminal justice systems notably the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB), the Prosecution and Courts of law. A team of Defense Attorneys follow up on matters related to the rights of the accused under Rwandan law to ensure a due criminal process. At The first contact with law enforcement that a defendant has with the criminal justice system is who investigates the suspected wrongdoing, we represent our clients at all levels of investigations and ensure their rights are respected in the conduct of criminal investigations and we are professionals in this field of law.

Family and children law practice

At Mutangana & Partners Law Offices, we have a team of legal experts practicing in the field of family law who represent, litigate common issues in family law, including but not limited to marriage and its effects, its dissolution divorce matters, children, parental responsibility, marital agreements, child maintenance and alimony, marital property issues. We advise on paternity and that of adoption and assist, advise on the concept of the “name”, its composition, proof of name and name change. The law on persons and family governs birth certificates, birth statement of a child, birth registration of a child whose parents are unknown and death certificates. We also advise on the concepts of persons’ capacity, guardianship, , divorce and those of separation from bed and board.

Employment and Labor relations

We advise and represent our clients in labor and employment law on primary concerns related to the rights and responsibilities of unionized employees. We ensure to give appropriate advice on the set of standards for working conditions and wage laws. In this practice area, we ensure best advisory to employers on their duties under health and safety law to assess risks in the workplace. We also ensure employers give information to employees about the risks in the workplace and how you they are protected and also instruct train employees and employers on how to deal with the risks.

Intellectual Property Rights

We advise on intellectual property rights to persons over their creative ideas and ensure that the creator has an absolute and exclusive right over the use of their creation. We ensure a broad range of legal rules that govern and regulate the ownership, use and transfer of the subject matter that is protected, continue to have legal protection and advise on legal steps in case of abuse of such rights.