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Trade and Investment Law

Making a decision to invest in a foreign country takes more than the availability of an Investment Facilitation and Promotion Act in your host country, and knowing whether you’re being offered enormous incentives or not,  and as much as affordability and access to the factors of production such as land and labor is very vital, but certainly, none of the above ensures the safety of your investments and movement of foreign capital  and dividends in and outside your host State, unless you have an international investment lawyer(s) on your side, who understands how the three legal frameworks of international investment interact,  i.e. national laws of both the host country and the investor’s home country, international law, and contracts.  We have International Trade and Investment Law specialists with a checklist ready to walk you through the complex and sophisticated foreign investment processes. We advise and represent our clients in contract negotiations, renegotiations , compliance issues, foreign capital treatment including profit repatriation procedures, and how to make use of famous clauses such as Umbrella Clauses, Most Favored Nation Treatment, Fair and Equitable Treatment and National Treatment,  as well as represent our clients in ordinary litigation cases and Investor-State dispute resolution mechanisms.